Director Reel 2019 – Olov Burman

A collection of Animated Projects – Directed by Olov Burman. Credits: 1) Dash Ident / Dammit and Dash (Co Directed with Daniel Damm) 2) Food Thief – Shortfilm / Mindbender 3) The Pirate – Cartoon Network /Mindbender. 4) Say no…


Client: PubQ / Sweden Design: Aleksandar Dumic Scriptwriter: Lauren Meikle Storyboard: Aleksandar Dumic Voice Over: Aaron Martinez Animation: Aleksandar Dumic Sound Design: Young Hearts

Sintel by Blender Foundation

A woman, Sintel, is attacked while traveling through a wintery mountainside. After defeating her attacker and taking his spear, she finds uge in a shaman’s hut. He asks her why she’s travelling, and she confesses she’s looking for a dragon,…