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Rediscovering Paper / Cool Industry / Care Food / 종이의 재발견 / 쿨산업 / ‘케어 푸드’ 시장 “Rediscovering Paper” Paper is mainly used in everyday life, especially printing paper and wrapping paper! But paper used in 4th industrial revolution is…


Rediscovering Paper / Cool Industry / Care Food / 종이의 재발견 / 쿨산업 / ‘케어 푸드’ 시장

“Rediscovering Paper”

Paper is mainly used in everyday life, especially printing paper and wrapping paper! But paper used in 4th industrial revolution is being applied with various technologies and gradually expanding its utilization. Electronic chips used to undergo complex semiconductor processes! But with research by Korean researchers, it is now possible to print out electronic chips on paper with home printers. The advantage of the flexible nature of paper and the characteristic of paper can be easily used anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, technology that diagnose diseases by connecting electronic paper chips with smart phones has been developed. The method is also simple. This is expected to bring about new changes in the field of medical diagnostic devices in the future. Paper furniture is also made using functional paper that overcomes the shortcomings of paper. The reason why paper furniture can bear the weight of a person is because it is made of triple corrugated paper which is used for automobile parts or cargo packaging. It is not only eco-friendly, but also anyone can easily assemble paper furniture without tools. Moreover, paper is used to make robots as well. Recently, soft robots were made of folded paper. It is expected that paper robot will stimulate the robot industry. We examine paper that is gaining popularity in various fields from everyday life to high-tech industries.

“Cool Industry” Targeting Heat Wave Market

Recent increase in greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide have contributed to global warming, and record heat waves have hit the world every year. Therefore, there is a growing need to nurture “cool industry” to preemtively respond to the occurrence of heat waves. Through the cultivation of “cool industry,” heat can be prevented, health can be conserved, and economy can be revitalized. Cooling fog is a facility that spray artificial fog rain of find droplet size by using purified tap water. When fod and warm air meet, the temperature and be cooled down by 2-3℃. Smart shade combined with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solar technology prevents the sunlight and can automatically open and close the shade itself according to the environment. Previous shades had to be manually done by people whenever there were sudden weather changes. However, smart shades can be opened and closed automatically, so it can respond quickly. It operates with solar energy without the need of separate power equipment. Furthermore, there are various blocks for counteracting the heat waves, and the “Cool Industry” is being explored further to enhance the heat wave market.

“Care Food” Market Through Niche Marketing

Korea is now an aging society, with a population aged 65 and over accounting for more than 20% of the total population. As a result, there is a change in the age of consumers, and niche marketing is gaining momentum, aiming at niche markets. Among them, custom foods for seniors, “Care Food,” is growing rapidly. In Korea, each beverage industry also introduces products targeting seniors. Various health teas and senior soy milk are appearing, and nutrition design for seniors has differentiated. As the market for care food grows, additional services are emerging. There are companies that sell senior lunch boxes as well. Since seniors are the main consumers, they not only prepare lunches according to every individual such as health conditions and digestive function, but also deliver them directly to home and check their health. Other technologies for the development of care food are also diversifying and developing. Recently, technology to soften food by using specific enzyme has been developed. With this technology, meat properties can be softened up to 70%. We explore “Care Food” market, which is growing rapidly in the consumption ecosystem.

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