Poly 90 Clear Over Flake (1)

In this video we demonstrate our method for applying our clear coat over a full flake system. This is a one day system which involves our Poly 90 product. Poly 90 is a 1:1 product that you will mix equal…

Poly 90 Clear Over Flake (1)



In this video we demonstrate our method for applying our clear coat over a full flake system. This is a one day system which involves our Poly 90 product. Poly 90 is a 1:1 product that you will mix equal parts A and B. Mixing the product is done mechanically with a paddle attached to a drill. Mix the product for about one minute. When mixing the product you don’t want to whip it but instead do a decent consistent mix. After mixing, you may pour the product on the floor and then use a flat squeegee to spread it onto the floor. After spreading the product with the squeegee you will back roll it with a 3/8″ knap roller.

One benefit of Poly 90 is that it is low voc which stands for low volatile organic compounds. This is a product that is safe to use in all 50 states, even California!

The other benefit of Poly 90 is that it has a long bucket life. This product will last about 45 minutes in the bucket which allows for a much longer work time compared to other products. Once you apply it to the floor you will get about ten to twenty minutes depending on ambient temperature. You want to cut the edges in with a chip brush and then pour it on the floor. Squeegee the product with your flat squeegee and then use the knap roller to back roll the product. If you are working on a larger area you will want to wear spiked shoes. You use a flat squeegee so you can grout the product. Pulling the product across the floor, you want to get 100% coverage of grouting the floor. Use long back and forth motions and then back roll it right after squeegeeing it out on the floor.

With Poly 90, you don’t want to stretch it as thin as possible but you also don’t want it to pool in some areas. You’re grouting the flake and you want a good even texture to the surface.

After you’re done with the squeegee wipe it off right away or you won’t be able to use it again.

After squeegeeing, back roll the product. If you’re working with a larger area you’ll want an 18 inch knap roller and spiked shoes. Use even motions while picking up the roller at the end of each roll. Don’t let the roller sit on the product or it may create a pool.

Another benefit of Poly 90 is that it sets quick. It will set in one day and you will be able to walk on it. This is our one day system!

Follow the links below to view descriptions of the products seen in this video and to purchase directly from our website.

Poly-90 Low Odor is a super low odor polyaspartic polyurea ideal for spaces where time and odor is of great concern.


The Encore 10-Quart mixing bucket is a plastic pail with wire handle which is safe to use with all paints, pastes, and adhesives such as epoxies.


Used to mix paints and epoxies. Can be used in up to a 5 gallon bucket. All of our two component coating products require mechanically mixing for at least 2 minutes. This mixing paddle attaches to any drill.


18″ Red Flat Squeegee


Roller Cover 18″ 3/8″ Nap


The most balanced and professional roller frames available. This frame is adjustable. Attach an 18″ roller cover and you are ready to use.


Aluminum Handle utilizes the turn and lock adjustment method for easy use


Polypropylene spiked shoes with 3/4″ inch spikes come with a Quick-release snap-buckle strap system. They are a must when installing resinous flooring systems


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